The Egg of Leonardo
The Grevel Water Tower in Dortmund-Lanstrop
An Attempt of a Landmark Revitalisation and Activation

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It is impossible for visitors to experience the entire dimension of the imposing water tank on the top of the construction. Even though the external staircase could provide risky access to the public, it is only in use for the maintenance services. While the supporting structure shows signs of superior engineering skills, the complex topics canon of the tank content – the drinking water – remains hidden.

To make the vertical tower accessible and explorable, we now project it as an autonomous formation in a horizontal position. We practically lay the tower down – but in a new form: like a shadow, the tower now reflects on the ground. As the old water tower is well known under the name >Lanstroper Ei” (the >Lanstrop Egg<) we call the new tower >Spiegelei< [… a German word composed of >Spiegel< → mirror … and >Ei< → egg … a pun which translated means something like a mirrored egg – in English a fried egg]. In this position, we now have plenty of content options. The new architecture in combination with the original old tower accentuates the quality of the whole location as a unique event.

A project by the City of Dortmund/Stadtplanungs- und Bauordnungsamt/Untere Denkmalbehörde
Scenotectonic sketches: Hofstadt for and with Kessler&Co. GmbH
Graphic design: Thomas Kamm/Brüsseler Spitze, Köln